Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Look of the Day

Shirt: Zara Jeans: H&M Jacket: Burberry Shoes: Topshop 

This isn't a great quality photo but here is what I wore today. Quite simple and not massively innovative but I like to go for a quite a minimal look with key accessories and a chic feel. Also, I was just going out for lunch and a little shopping with a friend so I didn't think too much sartorial thinking was required. 

Up until recently I never wore jeans because I always found them so uncomfortable. Then I started working for H&M and discovered that not only were their jeans super cheap they were also super stretchy. Now I love a nice pair of skinnies and my only problem these days is finding a pair short enough for my legs; as of yet this hasn't happened so I always have to roll them up.

I really love this jacket too, which I sneakily took from my brother, and it's a great alternative to a tailored black blazer. I love to wear tweed because it always makes me feel so British and it's great for this time of year when the weather is so temperamental.
I hope you all like my look today; I've just realised it would have looked so much better if I'd have worn my new pom pom shoes!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Pom Pom

I have just bought these amazing shoes from Topshop and I adore them oh so much! My mother has spent the last two days trying to convince me they're slippers and I think she may be right although, of course, I'd never admit that to her. Nevertheless, come autumn I shall be wearing them as shoes with a nice pair of skinny jeans and my new orange chunky knit (more on that in a couple of days!). Alternatively I'll wear them in the evening with a black playsuit and printed belt. It's always nice to have a slightly more eccentric alternative to a plain ballet flat and I think these fit the bill perfectly. They're so girly and fun and I love the velvet, I think it gives them that extra touch of luxe.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

My Favourite Things

So, summer is now coming to a close and as we grasp onto those last little bits of sunshine I thought it might be fun to reflect on what I've worn this summer and pick out my favourite pieces.

First off is my Skater dress by American Apparel. I know I look kind of ridiculous in this photo, but I wanted to demonstrate the amazing skirt this dress has! I love how the dress combines a look that's very feminine with one that is more sexy. I basically want this dress in every colour and next on my list is navy.

Here I am again sitting in my beloved closet. Now, it doesn't even consider rivaling that of Carrie Bradshaw however, it houses all my cherished items one of them including this floral Zara dress. I bought it at the beginning of summer and I love the Audrey Hepburn style. It dips quite low at the back which I love as it balances out the high neckline and it also has side pockets which for me, makes it totally perfect.

I bought this necklace on a whim last Christmas from accessorize and I literally wear it all the time! I just love it. I wear it with absolutely anything from jeans and a tee to evening dress. It's just so versatile and always adds that extra bit of luxe.

I don't really wear these earrings much but I had to include them as I adore how fabulously trashy they are. And at £2.99 from ebay, a pretty good steal too. Whenever I wear them I always try to make sure the rest of my outfit is quite elegant so I don't look like too much of a chav!

My boyfriend recently bought me these converse for my birthday and I can't wait to start wearing them once I'm back at uni. I'm really not that great at being casual but I've decided to make a conscious effort to be during my last year as it's probably the last chance to dress like this on a regular basis. 

These are my favourite shoes, EVER. I got them a couple of Christmas' ago from Kurt Geiger and I hardly ever wear them because they're so sky high but when I do I just feel fabulous. They're the perfect mix of mini mouse and glamorous.

Finally, my River Island top. Monochrome is so timeless and goes with just about everything and I love the 60's vibe to this top. I also love the little details like the side buttons and the zip at the back.
I hope you all like my favourite things just as much as I do, let me know what you think!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Think Pink

I have just purchased this lovely River Island Skirt from the Asos sale and I must say, I'm rather pleased. Not only is it the perfect length, perfectly pretty and a nice colour pop for my wardrobe it was also £11 down from £30 in the sale! It'd be rude not to have shared it with you...

Friday, 19 August 2011

Runway Ready

Last year Victoria Beckham tweeted that the airport was her runway. Forget Paris, London and Milan, it seems the only place to show off your fabulous outfit if you're a celebrity is when you're jetting off and sky high. These high fliers have got their airport style down to a T; forget comfy joggers and a loose fitting hoodie, its all about luxe basics, skinny jeans, trench coats and the perfect accessories to complete the outfit (over-sized sunglasses are a must). So if you're off on your travels this summer then take some tips from these very stylish jet setters.

P.S. Anyone else seriously jealous of Miranda Kerr's copious amounts of Louis Vuitton luggage?

Emma Watson at Heathrow

Kate Moss at Heathrow

Kylie Minogue at Heathrow

Miranda Kerr at Sydney Airport

Rachel Bilson at Los Angeles Airport

Stella McCartney at JFK

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The IT Bag

Apparently, the It bag is back. After a few years of hardship and watching our penny's we have now returned to our previous fashion state, where the only item you need to be seen with is some serious arm candy. 
I think I'm in two minds about the It bag. On the positive, I think I could pass away hours looking at all the fabulous styles out there and the sumptuous colours and fabrics they come in. On the negative, I get a little upset when I realise I can't afford any of them. But for those who can I guess it's great and I'm pretty sure that's how I'd feel if I were one of them. 
When its comes to my style I generally prefer to opt for more classic look (the Chanel 2.55 is my ultimate dream bag - navy with gold hardware, just in case anyone was interested) and so I don't tend to buy into throw away trends. So sometimes I think whats the point in buying something so expensive if you'll only wear it for one season? But then again, this is fashion, and we do like to indulge and look utterly fabulous. So, as you can see, two minds. 
Nevertheless, I've looked around and scouted out the options and let me tell you, the options are pretty damn great...


Lanvin's Happy Bag
Marc Jacob's Ukita Bag

Mulberry's Carter Bag

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Leopard Print

Now that I've fully started to think about my winter wardrobe, I've been looking around at all the trends and trying to decide which ones I'd like to indulge in. I'm not the sort to slavishly follow trends and I aim to go for a more classic look; every season there are a few that catch my eye and I like to incorporate them into my wardrobe in one way or another. So, as I'm sure you've all guess, I'd like to add a few pieces of leopard print into some of my outfits. It's quite bold so I think for me I'll pick a few key accessories to give a black ensemble a bit of life and energy. 
I love the warehouse belt and can imagine it giving an air of sophistication to a black tee and skinny jeans. I also think the french sole pumps will have the same effect and I adore the topshop heels for evening.
If your taste is more quirky and adventurous then the topshop leather jacket is massively fun! Or you can brighten up a day at the office with Isabel Marant's leopard print t-shirt dress.
Either way there's something for everyone and plenty more out there than the pieces I've picked here. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and let the leopard do the talking.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Watching It

Today I had to make a rather difficult and important decision. Well, I say today, it's something I've been thinking about for at least two months. So, I've got an important birthday coming up and my mother said she'd buy me a watch. I've never had a watch before so not only is it very exciting but I had to make sure I made the right choice. After all, I've got to look at it on my wrist everyday.

So, after lots and lots of searching, I eventually whittled it down to these three. I loved them all for different reasons and so my decision was hard - my mother got a bit irritated in the jewellers today after I had them all on again off again for over an hour.

I love the 'bling' element of the Michael Kors watch. I also adore big watches on women and love all the details on the face and bezel. I also thought it would be quite useful being silver and gold. But, in the end, I ruled this one out as, for some reason, large watches really do look ridiculous on me and it wasn't quite right.

I love the simplicity and elegance of the Guess watch. It's timeless and looks so elegant and I love the mother of pearl face. 
The DKNY watch I also though extremely elegant. There's a little less detail and perhaps craftsmanship but, in the end, after a long and thoughtful conversation with myself and my mother about the watches, my entire wardrobe and occasions I'd wear it to, this was the one I went for.

I know it sounds silly but every time I put it on, it just felt right. I think gold definitely suits my skin tone better than silver and I've always thought gold looks much more luxurious and chic. Also, I'm still very young (21 in just over a week!) and I felt that perhaps the others were less age appropriate. Also, almost all of my jewellery is gold and so it didn't seem like a good idea to buy a watch that wouldn't go with any of it.

I know I've made the right choice and I'm so excited to open it on my birthday; it was definitely worth the two months of thinking, about five hours of trying on and one annoyed mother.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Lusting After...

I'm currently crushing on these Donna Karen wedges (above), £615 curtesty of Net-a-Porter.com; who also had the smart sense to collate an entire outfit just to go with said beautiful wedges.
Summer is closing in on us now, although I'm not entirely convinced it was ever here in the first place, and so I'm making the most of enjoying a summer wardrobe whilst I still can.
I also think these shoes are the perfect colour, literally. They're grey, but not so grey that you can't wear cream based hues with them and vice versa, making them extremely versatile. I love the cut out detail too; it allows them to step away from the traditional girlish and kitsch feel a lot of wedges have and gives them a more sophisticated edge.
So, if I had £615 to spend this is what I'd be spending it on. As it is, I don't, but here is a great alternative if, like me, your cash can't stretch far enough. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Teen Choice Awards

Absolutely loving this look by Blake Lively at the Teen Choice Awards. Looking seriously fierce in Gucci, anyone who can pull of this shade of orange has some serious fashion credentials. I love the fact that she has teamed her dress with leopard print shoes keeping the look bold; she's clearly not shying away from making a statement.
Blake has an amazing figure and beautiful hair and this outfit showcases that perfectly.

Also looking good at the event were Rachel Bilson in a Chloe dress and Brian Atwood shoes and Lucy Hale in Cengiz Abazoglue.

Rachel's dress is fun and feminine and I adore the intricate detailing. She gets away with the flower detail acorss the chest as she's so slim! The Brian Atwood shoes are the perfect partner too. The nude colour is in-keeping with the colour palette whilst the spikes toughen up her look and give it an edge.

Lucy Hale is amazingly cute in a sequined dress by Cengiz Abazoglue. It's girlish and so appropriate for her 22 years. The nude sequins are the perfect onset to the black and the slash detail keeps it looking fresh and young.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Miranda Kerr at David Jones

These are my two favourite photos from this weeks escapades in the fashion world. Although I suppose it helps that Miranda Kerr has an amazingly pretty face/hot body/endlessly fabulously wardrobe. Oh, and did I mention that her husband and baby are pretty damn cute too?

Here she is in Sydney, in label Lover, promoting the new labels to be sold at Australian department store David Jones.

I love Miranda Kerr. I love lace. So when Miranda Kerr steps out in not one but two lace dresses, it's like Christmas all over again.
It's like she was born to wear lace. Lace is so pretty and feminine, it has that great sense of sexuality without stepping over the line and going too far. I love the red because it combines all of these factors so well. I love the white because it makes her look like a fairy tale princess. I love the playfulness of the short hemlines combined with the primness of the high necklines.
So, all in all, and I may have already mentioned this, I love Miranda Kerr.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Managing The Heat Whilst Managing Your Budget

So, this post may contradict my previous post a little, but I did think it rather necessary. Whilst I am a firm believer in investment purchases, we don't always have the time, inclination and quite frankly, the budget, for that to always be a reality.

As well as this, I am also finding this sudden burst of heat a little difficult to deal with. We don't really get 'summer' in England and so my body is rather confused about that last 10 days of beautiful sunshine we've been enjoying. Talk about acclimatising, I don't think I've ever experienced so much hot weather, I don't know how to acclimatise! I've basically been sitting in the garden in the shade all day as it's the only place I can find where there's a reasonable temperature. Talk about never being happy with what you've got...

Anyway, I've decided to embrace this beautiful sunshine, and I've put together some perfect summer pieces. I really love to wear colour during summer, and I also love to accessorise and clash prints. There is always something more fun about these months and so I want to take advantage of that through this post. It's also important to try and not frazzle away, so I've shown how you can still look good whilst wearing light-weight fabrics in sumptuous colours.
Useful TIP: try to stay away from dark colours like black or grey as this will absorb the heat and make you hotter. Wearing lighter colours like white will reflect it so you can keep your cool.

I also think it's important to not go too overboard when it comes to the cost of summer clothes. The sun is rarely out for long here and so I see no point in dropping a fortune on pieces that will hardly get any use. Therefore, all these pieces are purse friendly whilst not compromising on style or trends. Enjoy!