Friday, 30 March 2012

Shades of White

 Topshop top, Ralph Lauren skirt, Zara trench and belt, Blu shoes

Somehow I think the title of this post may have been more appropriate if it was 'Shades of Beige' but that just sounds kinda boring and, I'm hoping, my outfit isn't. Yes, it's simple in terms of its colour palette but I think there is something very chic about putting various different neutral hues together and then brightening the whole thing up with a swipe of red lipstick. 
Just a quick one today as I'm off to London for the weekend, hope everyone has a great few days and I'll be back next week; Bon Voyage! 

Thursday, 29 March 2012


Although technically its only spring, it feels as though summer is truly among us (how long it will last is quite another story). There's nothing I love more in these long summer days, and warm summer nights than a lovely, pretty LWD (that's little white dress, in case you weren't aware). The LWD comes in all shapes and sizes and because its such a simple, but very chic, concept, there's plenty of room for creativity. 

Now, if you're one of those lucky people who is blessed with beautifully sun-kissed skin then you probably don't need to worry too much about making this look more interesting as you have the perfect backdrop to the softness of the white. If, on the other hand, you're anything like me and you've never actually had a tan in you're life because you really are that pale that your skin just refuses to colour in even the slightest amount and so your only hope is to try and get SO many freckles that they can pass for a tan, then there a lots of options. Yes that's right, ladies, I'm talking about accessories. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, belts, headbands; anything goes because of the beautifully simple nature of the dress. Alternatively, you can find a LWD that has some interesting details such as lace, applique, beading or embroidery and this will bring it to life in a fabulous way. Although it's always nice to bring some colour or sparkle or both into your outfit. Either way, get out there and get one of these (see my favourites below), you simply cannot start your summer wardrobe without one.

 From L-R: Boy. By Band of Outsiders, Oasis, See by Chloe, Warehouse

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Collection of Inspiration

I know I usually do an inspo post each month to share - and hopefully help you find - my influences. Fashion is ever changing and usually, in this country at least, the weather is too and so we have to be continually updating our wardrobes. Therefore, my posts are tailored around each specific month however, I also build up collections of photos where I just take 'general inspiration'. You know those days where you wake up and think "I have absolutely nothing to wear" (despite your bulging closet) and your mind leaves you void of any kind of a decent idea. Having little inspiration files is a superb way to avoid those dreaded days. They're also great when you just want to create a fantasy wardrobe and dream of all the amazing pieces you wish you had. But PLEASE NOTE, the hot models with endless legs will probably leave you with feelings of jealousy and despair, but moving on from that...

I thought I'd share my most recent inspiration file with you and hopefully it will get you raring to go for summer - I know I'm certainly glad its here and this glorious sunshine is making revision much more bearable. My current wardrobe theme is luxe basics in neutral hues with printed separates, for those days where I feel particularly savvy, and metallic accessories for a more relaxed boho feel and some serious heels thrown in for good measure. Oh, and it's always good to have a couple of 'thoughtful' quotations from someone famous. Enjoy!

Freemans Writing Competition

My second piece for the Freemans blog is now online for you to read here. Check it out for tips on how to dress for a night out.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Vintage Shorts

H&M top and cardigan, Vintage Levi shorts, D&G sunglasses, Longchamp bag

They’re out again, this time with a more neutral colour palette of white and black with just a hint of yellow to match the beautiful sunshine we’ve been having.

I came home from university this weekend and we took a little detour via the Derbyshire countryside. I’m a city girl at heart but nothing beats a relaxing afternoon in the sunshine, drinking tea and eating home-made almond tart and gazing into the scenic distance. 

Sunday, 25 March 2012


Topshop playsuit, Asos belt

Friday was somewhat of a celebratory evening for my friends and me; the end of term which also signifies the end of class and the end of dissertation! I still have exams to contend with, but we felt a little champagne ought to be the order of the day. 

Here I am opening a bottle of champagne for the first time ever. Can you believe I've reached the age of 21 and never opened a bottle of champagne? This may be more surprising if you knew me, or my family, who like to pop open a bottle at the slightest sign of an occasion. Not that I'm complaining...

For the evening I wore my beaded Topshop playsuit, which only comes to play for special events. I always think playsuits are a refreshing alternative to a dress and if you buy one with a wider leg hole they're super flattering. I love the beading on this, which I think gives it a 1920s feel, and the sheer back adds some luxe sophistication. Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Zara jacket and bag, Topshop vest and shoes, Vintage shorts, Asos belt

Pink is not a colour that I usually wear, ever. But today I felt like injecting a bit of a girly pop into my outfit and so here I am, sporting the girliest of colours. I love colour blocking and often feel it can have just as much affect as say, a print, or an interesting shape or texture. These vintage Levi's shorts are also really cool; most of the time they sit under a pile of clothes in my wardrobe totally forgotten about and then once every few months I re-discover them, quite excitedly. They're really good a defining curves whilst still maintaining that cool factor and they go with just about everything. Find similar pairs here and here