Thursday, 31 May 2012


Zara blouse and plain tan bag, Topshop jeans, Asos ring, Louis Vuitton bag

I forgot to include this in my previous post; a quick snapshot of what I wore to travel back to Manchester in earlier today. White shirt and jeans is my go to travel outfit - so chic but SO easy.

Diary from Home

 {a room with a view}

Living in the city can be overwhelming sometimes. During summer in New York, the heat gets trapped between the buildings, bouncing around but never being able to escape becoming unbearable. Sometimes I feel as though the heat is a metaphor for the way I'm feeling. I constantly have an overwhelming collection of thoughts bouncing around in my head; sometimes they just fall out, as it were, and never stay around long enough for me to consider them or say them out loud. Mostly though, they're just there and it can be hard to find an outlet for them. Sometimes they build up so much you feel as though you can't breathe or you might explode because you don't know what to do with them all. That's partly why I write this blog and, although it's mostly centered around fashion, I'm sure it's no secret that a part of HSW is about much more than that. However, I've made a decision that I'd like to branch out and write about other aspects of my life. Fashion is a huge part of who I am but it is not all that I am. Not only that, but by pursuing a career in fashion after studying it for four years means that sometimes I feel as though it consumes me as I spend a lot of my free time writing about it, too. I'm excited for the new possibilities of my blog and to explore areas outside of my comfort zone. 

Moving on from that, though, I've spent the last 24 hours at home. Suffice it to say I just had to get away from the city for a little while. Since finishing my finals a few weeks ago my life has spiralled into a hectic abyss; time has merged together and it's difficult to distinguish one day from the next, one emotion from another. Having no work or project to fill your time is daunting and you can easily feel overwhelmed by the nothingness. Having your entire life lead up to a certain point is pretty intense so I went back home to the country and watched the sunset, breathed in the fresher air, caught up with family and relaxed. I feel much better now and almost as if I have re-charged, ready for one last month in Manchester before I really don't have any plans at all and the really scary part begins. 

 {Crown Derby bunny}

 {a portrait I had done in Montmartre when I was 15 and my collection of Vogues that I can't bring myself to throw out}

 {Shoes I'd forgotten I had}

 {Pink champagne: when white just won't suffice}

 {A lovely Robin chirping away in the garden}

{Catching up with my cousin in an outfit less chic than usual! Crew jumper, Jack Wills shorts}

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Topshop dress

I arrived back home in Nottingham this morning; I decided I needed to escape Manchester for 24hours and come home.

This dress was one of the items I bought when I was going through the "I'm going to buy lots of midi length skirts and dresses and never wear them" phase. I do like the style, but after many a purchase came to the conclusion that not only does it not suit me, it's not really my style. This is the last piece I've not had altered and so I was going to take advantage of being in the same city as my sewing machine but now I'm home, I can't find it anywhere! I guess it's super cute new length will have to wait a while longer... 
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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What does everyone think...

To this headband? I bought it last summer but I've never worn it because the flowers are just so big! I'm thinking about bringing it out for a festival I'm going to next week and teaming it with a pair of Topshop short dungarees I've got my eye on. Leave a comment and let me know if you think it's cool or just a plain fashion no-no.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Fringed Skirt

 Zara skirt and heels, Topshop Boutique vest

This skirt is probably the most 'man repeller' item in my wardrobe, it's also a new addition that I just love. It's made from the softest leather and has the most beautiful movement whilst still maintaining an strong element of structure (it's very, very tight!) I do have a penchant for leather skirts but I also think it's all too easy to opt for a standard style which is why I adore the fringing on this Zara version. I love it's fun and quirky feel and it was perfect for a night of dancing. Hope everyone had a great weekend, until next time catch up with me on Twitter and Pinterest

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Summer Stripes

 Topshop top and sandals, American Apparel jeans, Louis Vuitton bag, GoGo Philip necklace

It's my best friend's 21st birthday tomorrow so it's been a fairly crazy 18 hours. Last night we went for dinner and drinks at which I showcased my new bow-back striped vest. I love stripes anyway, but my love for them seems to grow to new levels when the sun comes out. They're so chic yet so easy, even now I find it difficult to get my head around how something so simple can always look so right. I added my favourite GoGo philip gold necklace, which I showcased here; I'm really into clashing silver and gold at the moment, which I know a lot of people are quite adverse to, but my overly relaxed summer nature has started to grow on the idea so I teamed it with silver sandals and bracelet. 

This morning has been ridiculous and I've been rushing around like a mad lunatic in the sweltering heat running last minute birthday errands. I also had to pick up the birthday cake and get it from shop to home without dropping it (anyone who knows my clumsy nature would appreciate the challenge it was). My housemate and I found a moment of calm in the earlier hours of this morning to take a few snaps of today's striped outfit; a little more relaxed than last night and breezy enough to stay at a reasonably bearable temperature. I decided to use my Canon DSLR today; I think I've been a bit lazy of late using my little Nikon 'snapshot' camera because the Canon is quite cumbersome but, really, it captures the light and movement so well that I know I need to start bringing it out more often.
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H&M vest, Vintage Levi's, Zara belt

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Feeling Restless

 Asos shirt, Topshop skirt and shoes, iPad

For the entire time I’ve wanted to be a journalist, I have known that I never, ever wanted to work freelance. At least not solely that, anyway. Juggling it on top of a full time ‘office’ job would be fine, but the idea of sitting at home all day whilst I work, for me, is really off-putting. I’m a very impatient person and I become restless very easily, so the idea of combining my home space where I try to relax with my working environment is basically my idea of a disaster. This in mind, I took myself off to Starbucks today and my how productive it was. I’m actually a little bit embarrassed to even tell you all that is where I spent my day working (I’ve never taken my laptop in and worked there before, I’ve always felt that people who do that are, well, poseurs.) But seeing as all my housemates had dispersed for the day I decided my restless and impatient nature would not work well alone at home and so off I trotted and actually, it was kinda cool.

So now that you know what I’ve been doing with my day, let’s talk stitches. Every day the weather is just getting lovelier and lovelier and I must confess I was quite unprepared for this uncharacteristic sunshine we’ve been enjoying all week. I also try to make much more of a conscious effort to wear colour and print during the summer months and there’s nothing like a crisp white shirt to keep you cool in the heat. Louis has also been sitting by my side all day making me very, very happy! I know I promised to show you my engraved initials today but I didn’t get the time to have it done yesterday but hopefully I’ll manage to fit it in at some point next week.

My friends and I are off to see an old movie at an outdoor cinema tonight which I’m super excited about because I’ve never been to one before and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do  and it’s also on my summer 2012 bucket list. Ciao for now and don’t forget to stay updated with me on Twitter and Pinterest

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


H&M top, French Connection shorts, Topshop sandals, Louis Vuitton bag 

The weather was beautiful in Manchester today so I saw it as the perfect opportunity to showcase my new Louis Vuitton; isn't she lovely? It's been a lovely, long day of lunch with friends and drinks with other friends, basking in the sun and generally enjoying life.

As it's its first outing I decided to choose a simple ensemble today to showcase Louis to its full potential. The shape is so classic and elegant and I opted for the Damier Ebene print as I prefer its subtlety over the Monogram print. Tomorrow I'm taking it back into the store to get my initials embossed onto one of the handle triangles. I've been pondering whether to get it done or not, but decided it would add a personal touch and truly give it a sense of being all mine. Be sure to check back for the finished result.
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Monday, 21 May 2012

Louis Vuitton

Zara leather jacket, Topshop top, jeans and sandals, Asos clutch, D&G sunglasses

After 21 years of pretty intense studying I decided to buy myself a well deserved gift seeing as I'll be graduating this summer. Here's a sneaky little peak; stayed updated with me this week to find out what's inside!
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Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Same, Again

 Vintage slip, Kurt Geiger boots, Urban Outfitters belt, Asos clutch, Topshop rings

The vintage slip made another appearance last night; it's funny how something can sit in your wardrobe, untouched for so long, before you realise what a versatile piece it can be. I think my brain has shut off for the day so, just for today, hopefully the pictures will be enough.
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Tuesday, 15 May 2012


 Topshop skirt, top and shoes, H&M jacket, Asos clutch

The light in Manchester has been so incandescent of late. It's nice that things have brightened up a little, for once, but sometimes it can make it more than a little difficult to get a good photograph. Perhaps my photography skills just aren't that great and I should stop trying to blame the overexposure on the lighting situation. Either way, hopefully you can just about see this outfit I wore for dinner with friends on Sunday evening.

I bought this skirt in September and, originally, it was a midi length. For me, I've come to find this length quite awkward so I decided to stop purchasing things that really are rather unflattering on my relatively short frame, and I had my skirt taken up. Now, I adore it and the soft pleats combined with its new found curtailment make for a rather cute result.
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Sunday, 13 May 2012


 Zara dress, Kurt Geiger shoes, Vintage clutch, Topshop rings, GoGo Philip necklace, DKNY watch, Space N.K. and Barry.M nail polish

I've always loved a classic look so last night, for my graduation ball, I chose a simple but elegant LBD (little black dress). I've actually had this Zara one sitting in my wardrobe for quite some time, so it was nice to be able to give it an outing. I love the bow detailing which really uplifts the dress and gives this timeless classic a bit of flair. 

Accessories are so key when you're going to a ball and I adore wearing lots of gold. The necklace and rings are new additions to my collection, bought especially for the occasion, and I love the Egyptian feel to the necklace. These beautiful Kurt Geiger shoes are my all time favourites; they look and feel so extravagant and add just the right amount of sparkle to any special event.
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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Totally, Utterly and Completely Obsessed with Paris

Seriously! I imagine it to be so romantic at this time of year. The soft breeze with the sunlight gently and incandescently streaming through the blossom trees. Possibly a macaroon or two to nibble on as you stroll down the River Seine. And if you're super chic, you could get one to match the colour of your beautiful dress as you lounge in-front of the Eiffel Tower. Ohh, if only ones dreams could become a reality...
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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Vintage Slip

 Vintage Slip, Zara Jacket, H&M belt, Kurt Geiger boots

I picked this slip up about a year ago at a vintage fair for a mere £3... It was a horrifying length when I purchased it but, with a little help from my housemate's mother, (my sewing skills are well below parr for a fashion student) it's now of a length that combines that fabulously retro seductiveness whilst still remaining timeless. It's so delicate and perfect for these breezy spring days. I've teamed it with a leather jacket to juxtapose the dress with something heavier and grungier and added a boho vibe with suede ankle booties. Pretty versatile I'd say.
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Friday, 4 May 2012

Simple Ensemble

 H&M tee and blazer, American Apparel leggings, Asos clutch, Converse

Today was the day of my final final which means exams are over and I have my life back. It's kind of a daunting feeling, no more uni ever again, EVER. It's also kinda scary. To document this very happy day I've chosen a simple ensemble that was comfortable for my 8am start and 3 hour exam but stylish enough for a bit of a celebration afterwards. 

Wearing all black is always chic and the perfect option when you want to look sophisticated but really all you have time for is to throw on an outfit and run. Make sure you add some colour through your accessories to give your outfit a lift; I'm really in to oversized clutches at the moment as they're super chic but relaxed enough for the day time. Now that exams are over I'm looking forward to dedicating a little more time to HSW, I'm sure you've noticed that I've been somewhat absent of late.
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