Monday, 8 August 2011

Miranda Kerr at David Jones

These are my two favourite photos from this weeks escapades in the fashion world. Although I suppose it helps that Miranda Kerr has an amazingly pretty face/hot body/endlessly fabulously wardrobe. Oh, and did I mention that her husband and baby are pretty damn cute too?

Here she is in Sydney, in label Lover, promoting the new labels to be sold at Australian department store David Jones.

I love Miranda Kerr. I love lace. So when Miranda Kerr steps out in not one but two lace dresses, it's like Christmas all over again.
It's like she was born to wear lace. Lace is so pretty and feminine, it has that great sense of sexuality without stepping over the line and going too far. I love the red because it combines all of these factors so well. I love the white because it makes her look like a fairy tale princess. I love the playfulness of the short hemlines combined with the primness of the high necklines.
So, all in all, and I may have already mentioned this, I love Miranda Kerr.


  1. I have always loved Miranda Kerr. She is so beautiful, and as made evident by these photos, has a very chic and refined taste. I absolutely love the white lace dress featured in the second photo. It's stunning. But the red number definitely makes a statement too. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Omgosh, and this girl had a baby a few months ago?! I can't even handle it. I love that second dress - the white lace is absolutely GORGEOUS! I'm also a huge fan of lace, and she is absolutely rocking everything about the trend :)