Friday, 28 October 2011

Carey Mulligan in Bottega Veneta

Image sourced from

As I was looking through this weeks Best Dressed List on, I saw this photo of Carey Mulligan in a  beautiful Bottega Veneta dress, and thought you might all appreciate it. I feel like this is a good look for Mulligan, and one that she doesn't venture to wear too often. I love her style, but it's wonderful to see her in something is little more chic and in a dress that fully shows off her amazing curves. 
I love her slicked back hair too, the soft wave makes the look less sharp and more feminine and her dark eyes are the perfect backdrop to her all black ensemble. 
This week has been ridiculously busy with uni work, so tonight I want to chill out with a film and now I'm definitely craving something with Carey Mulligan in. Help me decide... Pride and Prejudice or An Education?
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The First Signs of Winter

                                      Asos coat                                Zara blouse, Topshop skirt, H&M hair bow
Today it felt like we were moving away from the crispness of autumn and into fully fledged winter mode. So, I decided that today was going to be the first day I brought out one of my proper winter coats. I bought this from Asos last year and it's serving me well. It's not the best quality ever, but I love the school girl style and the pleating details. The high neckline is also great for keeping warm.
Underneath my coat I've gone for quite a feminine look today. I love to wear floral prints during winter; the key is to go for something a bit darker with a slightly larger print to make it more winter appropriate. Gossip Girl is back on our screens at the moment (I'm a huge fan) so I think Blair Waldorf may be influencing my style right now!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Military Style

Topshop tee, jeans, and necklace,  Zara jacket, Carvela at Kurt Geiger Boots

This jacket takes me years back, literally; I got it when I was 16. I'm now 21. It's the oldest item of clothing in my wardrobe as I getting very easily bored with my clothes and sell most of them making space for lovely new things. I've never been able to bring myself to get rid of it though because I just love it. It's great for summer because it's quite light weight but also quite thin so it's easy to layer it up during winter.
Military is always a great trend to wear as I find its quite timeless rather than a seasonal trend. It's also nice to steer away from the usual black or neutral colours we usually wear on jackets. 
So this is my laid back outfit for a little shopping trip today - unfortunately what's hiding in the Selfridges back is a gift and not for me.

Monday, 24 October 2011

The Short Suit

I've started to notice that quite a lot of places are now selling 'The Short Suit'. I think it's a really refreshing concept, so I've had a look around and scouted out my favourite four looks. My favourites are the Asos and Lipsy versions, and they're the cheapest too! 
The Pixie Lott for Lipsy version is so Chanel esq and only a fraction of the cost; it's definitely the definition of sophisticated glamour. I also adore the yellow piping on the Asos version. It's such a lovely way to brighten up a winter day.
I think this is a really good outfit for a day at the office and has a definite fashionable spin on the regular trouser suit. What's also really great is that you can wear the jacket or the shorts separately with other pieces giving you lots of outfit options. I'd wear mine with a crisp white shirt and a day heel or a jewelled ballet pump. All I need to do now is find a fabulous job to wear it to!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Old Classic

Urban Outfitters tee, Topshop jeans and shoes, H&M headband, Asos ring

I always think the weekends are for dressing casually, being comfortable and not making too much of an effort. My life current revolves around the library - that's what a dissertation will do to you - so I never really need to get too dressed up at the moment. Still, fashion is my fervour, and seeing as I study it no-one ever turns up to lectures in their sweats. So even with the old classic, jeans and a tee, I like to make it a little more interesting. I got this Urban Outfitters top in the sale for £4 and I love it. This lace detail around the neckline gives it that extra bit of detail taking it from plain grey t-shirt to something to make my library visit a little more exciting.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, 21 October 2011

The Perfect Sparkle

These Topshop shoes are ultimate perfection! I stumbled across them in the store at the beginning of the week, and haven't been able to stop thinking about them since. Rather impractical I know, they're even higher in real life, but just to die for. When it comes to dressing for all the parties from Christmas to New Year, I think there's a switch that flicks in my head and the only thing on my radar is glitter! I shall keep you posted if I purchase them...

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Little White Dress

        Frieda Pinto in Calvin Klein    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley    Lily Donaldson in Calvin Klein

The Little White Dress is having a moment. Obviously, it started in the summer; this is the perfect item to wear during those smouldering months. It's cool - in both senses of the word - it's fun and it's glamourous. However, now we're making our way into winter, the hype hasn't died down so we need to think of ways to translate it into our current wardrobes. You may initially dislike the idea; I think many people don't like to wear white during winter. But, if done well I think it can look dazzling. If you get the right material and the right accessories its such a sparkly way to take you through Christmas. I've picked out a few looks, ranging from high street to high end, and each have their own personal traits.

Topshop £60

With it's nipped in waist and billowing sleeves this Topshop dress is flattering for a variety of figures. The fabric is quite delicate but the layers and the long sleeves make it more winter appropriate. This is a great dress for the evening as it has an embellished neckline but could also be worn for a smart day event with thick black tights and black velvet pumps. I think this dress speaks for itself, so wear it with your hair elegantly tied back with simple accessories such as one or two silver rings however, definitely avoid wearing earrings as this will look too much next to the neckline.

Reiss £169

I love this Reiss dress and it has the perfect mix of grown-up glamour and girlish charm. This dress is much more day appropriate and is perfect for a smart day in the office. The dress is simple so there's lots you could do with it. For day, wear with a smart black blazer or statement coat. Alternatively, you could team it with large, jewelled statement necklace or leopard print pumps. For evening, wear with your hair tied back and with large chandelier earrings, stacked bangles and statement heels.

Sandro at Net-a-Porter £250

If you've got a little more money to spend then this dress by Sandro is a great alternative to the Topshop version. The style is relatively similar however, the embellishment around the neckline is gold so it's perfect for those that suit warmer colours. It has a softer fabric which gives a great day/night mix meaning you can wear it straight from the office for after work drinks. Let the dress do the talking and wear with a classic navy coat and a slick of red lipstick.
The Little White Dress is the perfect all year item and it's so versatile; if you don't have one in your wardrobe then I would definitely advise you consider investing in one.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

British Brands: Day Two

Topshop playsuit, Zara trench, Russell and Bromley shoes, Longchamp bag

This is what I wore yesterday - I really need to start posting my outfits on the day I wear them but everything just gets so busy. I'm back home in Nottingham this weekend and my mother and I went to the theatre to see Noel Cowards Private Lives. It's one of my favourite plays and this particular performance was very good. 
I absolutely adore my Russell and Bromley shoes and they only really come out on special occasions. To me, they're very English and are the epitome of English style. I also really love this Topshop playsuit; the print looks like flowers on this photo but they're actually little angels with wings. It's so sweet and fun and I think it is a great piece when you need a touch of smart eccentricity. 
I know my bag and trench aren't English labels, but I think the style is very English; and it's always good to take a bit of inspiration from our European counterparts. Like I previously discussed, most English girls own a trench coat and it's such a staple piece for our wardrobes - mostly because it never, ever stops raining. This Zara one is new and had it's first outing yesterday, I love the shorter style and darker colour. 
So, it's the end of the week now and unfortunately I haven't posted as many outfits as I'd have liked but sometime life just takes over and everything becomes a little too busy. But I hope you have found at least a little inspiration from my three posts dedicated to all that is English and our wonderful sense of style and that you'll be able to translate it into your own wardrobes too.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

British Brands: Day One

Jack Wills Shirt, Topshop Jeans, Barbour Jacket, Converse pumps

Granted, this isn't the most inspiring or creative of outfits, but for a morning of lectures and an afternoon of work in the library I think it does the trick. It's practical and comfortable and best of all, it's British (apart from the shoes - my Topshop pumps are currently drying on the radiator due to an incident with a puddle yesterday).  Skinny jeans are a staple in any English girls wardrobe and these Leigh jeans from Toppy are so stretchy and the very dark blue makes them very forgiving. 
A Barbour jacket is also a must have at some point in an English girls lifetime. I got this one as a gift for my 18th birthday and three years on, it's still serving me well. It is literally the warmest thing I own and the corduroy under the cuffs and collar actually give it a really cool spin - who knew?! I love the quilting as well, it's so classic and chic and looks good on a woman of any age which makes it hugely versatile. 
I also really adore this checked Jack Wills shirt. It's the ultimate laid-back item and it's so soft against my skin which makes it the perfect item to throw on when up at 7am for a doctors appointment before a 9am lecture - I'm sure people tell me the life of a student is meant to be easy... 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Better to be British

               Kate Winslet              Audrey Hepburn                   Princess Diana                   Rosamund Pike

Last month, Vogue dedicated their issue to the English woman. Writing about Adele to Amy Childs and many in-between, they established her sensibilities, her allure and her style. Not that it's definitive, but there are certain traits, key pieces and attitudes that contribute to the many varieties. 
It made me think about how wonderful it is to be English; and how many great English women there are. Kate Winslet for her humorous and varied contribution to the acting world and similarly, Audrey Heburn, who also defined the sophisticated 60's 'look'. Princess Diana for her poise and charitable giving and Rosamund Pike for her allure and perfect English Rose-ness. 


There are also key pieces that every English woman should or does own. Firstly, the trench coat. It's timeless elegance takes you through every occasion with sophistication and ease. Even if you can't afford the ultimate trench from Burberry there are many, many great alternatives out there. 

Mulberry Bayswater

Any bag from Mulberry is in the wardrobe of or on the wish lish of the vast majority of English women. The Bayswater is the ultimate choice but there is also The Carter, The Tilly and The Alexa for younger and fresher choices. If the purse strings don't quite stretch far enough, then anything in soft, tan leather will easily suffice. 

Russell and Bromley loafers

Finally, the loafer; with its mix of androgynous appeal and patent girlishness, its the best daytime footwear. It can literally be worn with anything and the leather from Russell and Bromley's pair is so sumptuous there's no way you'll be able to resist.
This week I'm going to celebrate all that is English and wear as many of our home grown brands as possible.

Friday, 7 October 2011

The Statement Necklace

Topshop necklace, Zara top

Here is my stylish find at the Topshop Student Night I was telling you all about. I love a statement necklace and it feels so good to add a new piece to my collection for a little more variety. I adore the way the light catches it so it looks like a variety of colours and I love it's shine. I decided to brighten up my Friday and team it with a contrasting coloured top. I got this in the Zara sale at the beginning of the summer; it's silk so at £20 a real steal. I do buy some of my clothes full price, honestly! 

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Leopard Print

River Island Jumper, Urban Outfitters Scarf, H&M jeans, Topshop pumps

Finally the weather is getting back to some kind of normality; I feel like my winter dressing can now begin. I love dressing for winter, so much more so than for summer. Non of my housemates were available for photo taking today so I've resorted to taking the picture myself. 
I bought this leopard print scarf last winter from Urban Outfitters, it's so cosy and warm! I love the print and it's great for adding a bit of interest to your outfit. I've teamed it with my River Island knit which I showcased to you all last month. It's seen the light of day for the first time today; it was very warm and I love keeping my hands toasty in the little side pockets. 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Velvet Headband

Topshop shoes, top and headband. Zara bag and belt. H&M jeans and cardigan.

This is actually what I wore yesterday (today's outfit was rather uninspiring). I was going to the Topshop Student Night and let me tell you, manic doesn't even begin to describe it. I was nearly stampeded by a large group of Topshop fanatics all desperate to get inside to grab a bargain. Unfortunately, there was no bargain grabbing for me. I tried on lots but nothing really looked right, although I did get a lovely statement necklace to add to my collection. More on that in the next few days.
I'm finding it quite challenging to get dressed at the moment as the weather is so unseasonably warm. I'm back in Manchester and I left most of my summer clothes at home as I wasn't really expecting it to be 28 degrees. Anyway, it seems as though things are getting back to normality now so I decided to put on my lovely velvet headband. It's stylish, great for keeping your ears warm and adds a subtle pop of colour to your outfit. I felt slightly adventurous yesterday so decided to wear my pink Zara bag for a bit of a colour clash. I kept the rest of my outfit fairly simple with neutral tones so as not to look like a rainbow had thrown up on me. I really like this Topshop top; it's great for adding a bit of detail to an outfit but it's quite subtle at the same time. My pom pom shoes also had their first outing today, it was very exciting!

Monday, 3 October 2011


Images sourced from

Paris Fashion Week is getting into full swing now and the Chanel show is getting closer by the second; I can hardly contain my excitement. So far, however, my favourite show has been Chloe. I adore this fashion house for its clean simplicity and beautiful softness. There were dropped waists, flowing silks and chiffon's in hues that were perfectly delicate and pleating with some soft tailoring thrown into the mix as well.
The role of creative director at the house has recently been taking over by Waight Keller, who has moved from Pringle. It is always apprehensive, seeing the first collection of a new director; anticipating their vision and wondering if it will keep within the signature style of the brand. So I'm sure you're all just as pleased as I am to see that this collection is well in-keeping with the house of Chloe.
I've picked my three favourite looks from the show. I like the subtle detail and the mix of simplicity with volume. I'm also appreciating the soft incorporation of subtle colours; that perfect shade of pink would go with just about everything in my wardrobe. I guess I better get saving...