Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Little Inspiration

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So, Fashion Month kicked off with New York yesterday and so far we've seen shows such as DKNY menswear, BCBG and Tim Hamilton to name but a few. You could be forgiven for thinking we we're still in the height of summer with models going down the catwalk in pastel hues, subtle prints and flowing midi skirts. However, today I'm going to talk more about pre fashion week as oppose to fashion week itself. 

As I was browsing the Vogue website yesterday I came across these treasures. They had done a little article where they had spoken to some designers about their inspirations leading up to NYFW and had managed to get these drawings. Basically they're design sketches from designers such as Jason Wu (third from left), Jenny Packham (third from right) and Suno (far left). Don't you think it's amazing? It's incredibly rare that you get to see such personal insight into the thought process of some of the worlds top designers; to actually see some of their design ideas ahead of the shows is just incredible. I'm sitting on the edge of my seating waiting for their shows to see if similar designs will be walking down the catwalk! 

It also made me think about the vast amount of talents these designers have. To actually find the inspirations and have the visions is one thing, but to also be able to draw to such a high standard as well as making the garments, put together a fashion show and, essentially, run a business; well, that's a lot of talent to have. I think we are very lucky to have such able people across the world who bring to us such amazing fashion and with such fervour. I don't know about you, but I'm waiting with bated breathe to see what will evolve over the next four weeks.


  1. wow, very inspiring! sooo sooo gorgeous!

  2. Love these sketches! Thanks for sharing :)

    Laura x