Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Better to be British

               Kate Winslet              Audrey Hepburn                   Princess Diana                   Rosamund Pike

Last month, Vogue dedicated their issue to the English woman. Writing about Adele to Amy Childs and many in-between, they established her sensibilities, her allure and her style. Not that it's definitive, but there are certain traits, key pieces and attitudes that contribute to the many varieties. 
It made me think about how wonderful it is to be English; and how many great English women there are. Kate Winslet for her humorous and varied contribution to the acting world and similarly, Audrey Heburn, who also defined the sophisticated 60's 'look'. Princess Diana for her poise and charitable giving and Rosamund Pike for her allure and perfect English Rose-ness. 


There are also key pieces that every English woman should or does own. Firstly, the trench coat. It's timeless elegance takes you through every occasion with sophistication and ease. Even if you can't afford the ultimate trench from Burberry there are many, many great alternatives out there. 

Mulberry Bayswater

Any bag from Mulberry is in the wardrobe of or on the wish lish of the vast majority of English women. The Bayswater is the ultimate choice but there is also The Carter, The Tilly and The Alexa for younger and fresher choices. If the purse strings don't quite stretch far enough, then anything in soft, tan leather will easily suffice. 

Russell and Bromley loafers

Finally, the loafer; with its mix of androgynous appeal and patent girlishness, its the best daytime footwear. It can literally be worn with anything and the leather from Russell and Bromley's pair is so sumptuous there's no way you'll be able to resist.
This week I'm going to celebrate all that is English and wear as many of our home grown brands as possible.


  1. Great post on British style! The Mulberry Bayswater is my dream bag! x

  2. Mine too... My housemate is getting one for her birthday, I am SO jealous!xx