Sunday, 11 March 2012

Asos Wish List

I don't know if you're anything like me (I've got a feeling you all are), but I love creating a virtual wardrobe through Asos - and most of the time, it's a fantasy wardrobe too. I'm sure you're all aware of their 'saved items' device on the website; it's such a great tool to build up ideas for the coming seasons and allows you to gauge all the different items you want. The great thing is that it doesn't even matter if you don't want to buy that particular item, you can just keep it in your saved items to remind you that you want to find something similar to complete each seasons wardrobe. 
Asos is basically a nightly obsession for me; their daily new items allows for constant variation and there is such an eclectic mix of styles and brands within the site that there is always something new to find. I noticed yesterday that my saved items has really built up over the last few weeks to quite a collection of clothes and accessories that I would just love to incorporate into my spring/summer wardrobe. Love is the operative word in the previous sentence as it's totally illogical that I actually buy all, if any, of this because a) my sad little budget can't afford it and b) even if it could, the next three months of my life are based around 1) dissertation, 2) revising for my finals and 3) finding a job. Although, making a good first impression on all of those job interviews is crucial, so maybe I can find some justification there. 
Anyway, I feel I'm going a little off topic here, although you're probably all used to that by now... The point I was trying to make, I think - and I write this as the sun is glaring and there isn't a cloud in the sky - is that now is the time to start thinking about making the transition to your spring/summer wardrobe. Looking at my lovely virtual wardrobe, and outside my bedroom window, I have realised that spring really is coming around rather quickly this year. Such a rarity as this is, I have decided to embrace the seasons and haven't worn ANY black for the last two days - and yes, I am being sarcastic that this resembles any kind of an achievement, but I personally do find it quite pleasing as this winter I do seem to have buried myself into rather a large rut of wearing said colour, even more so than usual. So, embrace the weather and your new wardrobe as I've got a feeling it won't be around for long. 

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  1. I like the girl style with the short hair on the pic :D