Thursday, 13 October 2011

British Brands: Day One

Jack Wills Shirt, Topshop Jeans, Barbour Jacket, Converse pumps

Granted, this isn't the most inspiring or creative of outfits, but for a morning of lectures and an afternoon of work in the library I think it does the trick. It's practical and comfortable and best of all, it's British (apart from the shoes - my Topshop pumps are currently drying on the radiator due to an incident with a puddle yesterday).  Skinny jeans are a staple in any English girls wardrobe and these Leigh jeans from Toppy are so stretchy and the very dark blue makes them very forgiving. 
A Barbour jacket is also a must have at some point in an English girls lifetime. I got this one as a gift for my 18th birthday and three years on, it's still serving me well. It is literally the warmest thing I own and the corduroy under the cuffs and collar actually give it a really cool spin - who knew?! I love the quilting as well, it's so classic and chic and looks good on a woman of any age which makes it hugely versatile. 
I also really adore this checked Jack Wills shirt. It's the ultimate laid-back item and it's so soft against my skin which makes it the perfect item to throw on when up at 7am for a doctors appointment before a 9am lecture - I'm sure people tell me the life of a student is meant to be easy... 


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  2. Love the Barbour jacket, perfect for braving the cold at that time of the morning! x