Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Collection of Inspiration

I know I usually do an inspo post each month to share - and hopefully help you find - my influences. Fashion is ever changing and usually, in this country at least, the weather is too and so we have to be continually updating our wardrobes. Therefore, my posts are tailored around each specific month however, I also build up collections of photos where I just take 'general inspiration'. You know those days where you wake up and think "I have absolutely nothing to wear" (despite your bulging closet) and your mind leaves you void of any kind of a decent idea. Having little inspiration files is a superb way to avoid those dreaded days. They're also great when you just want to create a fantasy wardrobe and dream of all the amazing pieces you wish you had. But PLEASE NOTE, the hot models with endless legs will probably leave you with feelings of jealousy and despair, but moving on from that...

I thought I'd share my most recent inspiration file with you and hopefully it will get you raring to go for summer - I know I'm certainly glad its here and this glorious sunshine is making revision much more bearable. My current wardrobe theme is luxe basics in neutral hues with printed separates, for those days where I feel particularly savvy, and metallic accessories for a more relaxed boho feel and some serious heels thrown in for good measure. Oh, and it's always good to have a couple of 'thoughtful' quotations from someone famous. Enjoy!

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