Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Schoolgirl Chic

 Asos shirt, Mango Skirt, Zara shoes, Jack Wills head bow

I don't know why, but I definitely have a natural tendency to dress cute. I've worked other looks, tried the whole cool girl thing but, for some reason, nothing else seems to suit me that well and, as they say, if it works, work it. This skirt is a new buy and fits into my existing wardrobe perfectly. I like to wear color but I've always been more drawn to items with interesting textures or shapes and I love the voluminous aspect of this outfit with the billowing shirt combined with the pleated skirt. As I got dressed this morning I thought my outfit looked a bit like that of a schoolgirl, so decided to play on that idea by adding an oversized headbow and my princess shoes, showcased here. Turns out my look was perfect for today's activities as I popped into uni to find out my degree classification (1st class, just in case you were wondering!) Until next time catch up with me on Twitter and Pinterest


  1. you are so cute.. like a beauty little lady.. i like it :)

  2. super cute! love that skirt! -lisa