Thursday, 12 July 2012


 Zara dress, Kurt Geiger heels

Today was a very special day for my friends and I; graduation is a once in a lifetime occasion and we will all treasure the memories forever. So, more importantly, the question on the back of my mind for about the last six months was "what am I going to wear?!" I bought a dress back in January (organisation is my middle name, thank you very much) but decided right at the last minute that it wasn't right. Luckily, my mother was on hand for a last minute shopping trip where I picked up this much more graduation appropriate dress from Zara. Blue is always a classic choice and conveniently matched the robes.

Everyone always thinks graduation is all about the shoes and never the dress as it gets hidden by the gown but, for me, the dress was always going to be an important factor. That said, there was a rather impressive array of shoes tottering around this morning (one must expect nothing less at a fashion graduation.) I'm pretty sure I've got my cap on backwards in the first picture, and when I waved at the guest speaker (Sarah Burton, FYI) she gave me a rather baffled look as if to say "who are you and why the hell are you waving at me?!" but it was a fantastic day and something that will stay in my mind forever. 
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  1. happy graduation.. wish me graduate sooon.. hehehe..wish you all the best in next.. i like your dress.. for me shoes and dress is important for special day.. look great with that dress..