Saturday, 20 October 2012

Dinosaur Disco

Topshop tee, disco pants and studded slippers

For a very long time I have been pining after the American Apparel Disco Pants; I must confess that I do have them in denim, but have never fully justified spending all that money on the original pair. So I was utterly delighted when Topshop brought out a version for over half the price, here. The look is exactly the same and Topshop even have the meticulously placed pockets on the back. The quality of the fabric isn't quite of the  same standard as the American Apparel pair, but this is to be expected for the price you're paying. 

Earlier in the week I teamed mine with my favourite dinosaur tee for a rather jazzy looking outfit. Every now and then I do try to wear something a little more whimsical to inject some fun into my wardrobe and give it a lighter lift. Until next time be sure to follow me on Twitter and Pinterest

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