Tuesday, 9 October 2012


All Topshop

Yesterday was my first working day in quite some time; it's good to be back in the working world and have some sort of real challenge again. I'm working at Topshop - hence my entire outfit being from there - and really, it's quite fun! 

Sometimes an outfit made up of simple separates may seem boring on paper but, actually, if worn with a few key statement pieces it can be a real winner. I adore this hat and it's a really great addition to my accessories wardrobe. It doesn't come out often as I like to save it for the brief autumnal period as the style and colour is just perfect for now. Until next time stay updated with me on Twitter and Pinterest


  1. Love, love hats! That is such a great fedora.


  2. You're blog is lovely!
    I like that you've opted for a fedora - it looks great on you.

    le fresne x