Friday, 23 November 2012

Stripes? Check!

 H&M striped jumper, Jack Wills shirt, Topshop jeans and boots

I'm not doing so well with photographs this week, what with my previous two posts and the first photo here being somewhat overexposed - and that's definitely an understatement. Still, it's kind of a cool effect and at least it masks the tiredness from my eyes! 

As someone who usually delves into a deep black hole during the winter months, every now and then I have a sporadic tendency to mix things up a little with colour and clashing prints. Well, I'm not entirely sure three shades of dark blue is really classified as colour, but it's certainly not black. I've always been an advocate of stripes and check together; it's always seemed like the perfect combination of fashion forward and preppy. By keeping the same basic colour in all your pieces ensures your outfit won't go overboard but the clashing prints still makes a statement. 
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