Monday, 14 February 2011

Oh, Saint Valentine

Valentine's Day is often viewed by many as a marketing scam, only indulged in by those who do not consider the     mass consumerism behind it. Perhaps this is true.. Why do we need to set aside a day to show those that we love that we love them? If we love them why don't we show them, and tell them, everyday. Surely, if they meant that much to us then we would? To some extent I agree with this notion, but the harsh reality is that this doesn't happen. It's all too easy to take that special person in our lives for granted and assume that they already know how we feel about them and really, we forgot to be romantic. Yes, Valentine's Day is a bit of a scam, yes, it's a money making scheme and yes, we shouldn't need a specific day to show someone how we feel.
But, isn't it quite nice to do something romantic for that extraordinary person. Have a day set aside to show them just how wonderful and special and appreciated they really are? Because really, everybody knows it unrealistic for humans, especially the cold British ones, to be like this everyday. And lets face it, no-ones going to say no to a day of presents, chocolates and flowers!
Here are just a few things that made my Valentine's Day special this year...

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