Sunday, 31 July 2011

Investment Buys

Like most fashion students, I am a self confessed shopaholic! Regularly, I go out to the likes of Topshop or Zara to get my 'fix'. I love the feeling you get when you buy something and its new and exciting. However, this has resulted in endless amounts of clothes and shoes and very limited amounts of wardrobe space. Even after all my charity giving and ebay selling, I'm still left with rail upon rail of clothing, lots of it I don't really even wear.

But, as you may know, this last month I've been doing work experience in London. A long day combined with a long commute has meant limited shopping time as any spare time I have had has basically been spent sleeping! This means, apart from the gold Topshop ring, no purchases at all in July. Yes, you read correctly...

This has seriously made me re-think my shopping habits. I have come to the conclusions that it makes much more sense to buy little and buy well. And isn't the thrill so much better when you've bought a luxury piece? Buying classic and quality items that will stand the test of time is definitely the way forward, in my mind. So, I've taken a bit of time to look around and I've found some pieces that I really would like to invest in. Take a look at my most coveted items.


  1. I totally agree in the importance of investment pieces! Timeless pieces that would never go out of style are definitely worth spending the extra money on.
    I got that gorgeous Chloe bag you featured for Christmas, and I use it ALL the time! Such a fabulous bag (and such a perfect size for everything that I need).
    Love, love, love this post - it's definitely important to save (especially when you're a student on a budget!) for all those pieces that will truly last.
    LOVE your blog and glad we connected via IFB! xox

  2. I totally agree too :)
    But I just prefer Repetto ballet flats ;)
    You must see their website! This shoes are just perfect and so confortable :)