Saturday, 23 July 2011

Topshop Discount Store

Well, today I ventured out all the way to Edgware to check out the Topshop discount store, and it felt like I was going to the other end of the world. I've been so excited all week to visit having read some good revues but sadly, I was very disappointed. 
It was much smaller than I was expecting, and very limited by way of shoes and accessories. A lot of the clothes were damaged, not that there was anything worth buying anyway. A lot of the stock was very old, one season is fine but this is going way back. Also, the selection was very poor and it's clearly stock they can't seem to sell and they're trying to shift. So all in all, a wasted few hours. 
I did, however, go over to Topshop Oxford Circus, which was an entirely different experience. I love it there, so much! Although going on a Saturday afternoon may not have been my best idea. 
There was lots I wanted to buy but, somehow, managed to restrain myself and saved my money. I did come out with this lovely ring though, the perfect piece to add to my collection. 

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