Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Lusting After...

I'm currently crushing on these Donna Karen wedges (above), £615 curtesty of; who also had the smart sense to collate an entire outfit just to go with said beautiful wedges.
Summer is closing in on us now, although I'm not entirely convinced it was ever here in the first place, and so I'm making the most of enjoying a summer wardrobe whilst I still can.
I also think these shoes are the perfect colour, literally. They're grey, but not so grey that you can't wear cream based hues with them and vice versa, making them extremely versatile. I love the cut out detail too; it allows them to step away from the traditional girlish and kitsch feel a lot of wedges have and gives them a more sophisticated edge.
So, if I had £615 to spend this is what I'd be spending it on. As it is, I don't, but here is a great alternative if, like me, your cash can't stretch far enough. 

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