Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A Lively Choice

I came across some of the first released photographs from the Gossip Girl set yesterday and I have to say, I got rather excited. I adore Gossip Girl; story line aside, the clothes are just to die for! Blake Lively as Serena Van Der Woodsen really does have the best wardrobe, possibly ever. What's more, because of her endless legs, flowing blonde hair and super pretty face she makes everything and anything look totally covetable. This first look it so simple but so chic and elegant. I love the quirky accessories like her sun hat and how the bright blue Chanel bag adds a pop to the outfit.
This second outfit (below) is a totally different look but still, Blake looks amazing. I love how she has mixed three different textures and three different patterns as well as plenty of accessories but somehow, it doesn't look like fashion overkill. I think by keeping a fairly neutral colour palette and different prints that are all quite subtle is what makes the outfit work. I'm absolutely in love with that feather gilet Blake is wearing (it's tan suede around the body) and it's the perfect partner to Blake's honey coloured hair.
So, now we know the clothes all we need is a never ending smile and perhaps a few more inches to our legs!

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