Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Maxed Out

Whilst minimalism has been a strong focus during fashion month, maximalism is also having a moment too. It's all about making a statement and if you're going to do this look then don't do it by halves. Unless you're going to go the full whole hog, don't consider this trend. Think colour and interesting textures such as glitter, sequins and embellishment; an attitude where you want to be noticed is also a must. 
There are loads of great pieces out there that are just adorned with all things sparkly and they're perfect for the upcoming party season. Trying mixing up these various pieces and it's great to bring in other fabrics too. 
I'm in love with these Dolce and Gabbana trousers and, had my bank account allowed it, I'd be wearing them with a simple silk blouse and black fur gilet. I also think its great to wear a simple, all black outfit and then layer on the accessories such as these Asos shoes and jewellery from Kurt Geiger, Miu Miu and Pret-a-Portobello. Don't be afraid to bring colour into this trend either. The green skirt from Asos is a perfect example of how to do this, keep all other items neutral colours whilst using sequins or embellishment of the same hue. I hope you all like this trend as much as I do, it's definitely one I'll be buying into this season.

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  1. I'm not normally one for all the glitter and sequins, but I absolutely love that dress! I think I'd love to have something like that for New Years!