Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas with Aubin & Wills

So, I was doing some Christmas shopping in Manchester last week when I discovered there was an Aubin & Wills store here... I'm very familiar with their big sister brand, Jack Wills, and whilst I've been in the odd store here and there it's not somewhere I frequent. Anyway, their Manchester store is amazing and I basically want to hijack it and live there. But moving on from that, the clothes are pretty cool too. Think lifestyle brand meets preppy chic meets grown-up glamour in a laid back sort of way. If I'm not making sense then just take a look at some of their stuff above; I am seriously lusting after the Balsham jumper and I'm determined it will be part of my wardrobe very soon (it comes in black too!). They have everything from denim to evening dresses to silk shirts as well as appropriate festive items. They've also bagged Leigh Lezark and Carl Barat for a short film (below) to show off said items and add yet another ounce of cool to the brand. Oh, and in case you wanted your go to shop to have it's own cinema, they've got that too...

Aubin & Wills Christmas 2011 from Aubin & Wills on Vimeo.

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