Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I Wish I Had Wings

Zara blouse and shorts, Asos belt

It kinda annoys me when people take pictures of themselves in the mirror, but I guess sometimes it just can't be avoided; my housemates aren't particularly early risers and no housemates means no decent pictures I'm afraid. But, getting more to the point, here is what I wore today. I did showcase this blouse at the beginning of last month and here it is again but this time I've gone for a more androgynous look. It's a look I love because it's so simple and minimal and, most of the time, really easy to create. All you have to do is button your blouses all the way up, wear brogues or Chelsea boots and make sure most of your wardrobe consists of black or white or some variation of that colour. I just think it looks so chic and stylish so I'm definitely making more a conscious effort to dress more and more in that style.
I do also really love the whole boho look too so I'm trying to think of ways to somehow combine the two; kind of amusing that auto correct wants to change boho to hobo, not a look I really want to go for!...

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