Thursday, 26 January 2012

In With the Old

Topshop dress and boots, H&M jacket

Sorry for the slightly vacant expression in this photo, not sure what that's all about. Nevertheless, last night I went out with my friends for a relaxed evening of food and drink. I needed something chic to wear but something with a bit of give to allow for all that food! This Topshop dress is years old, so old in fact I think it could almost be classified as vintage. But, I saw it sitting in my wardrobe last night, untouched for a good two years and thought, why not? I'm always reluctant to wear it now because I think it's one of those pieces where EVERYONE knows it's from Topshop, therefore everyone will know how old it is. But I love its simple and timeless silhouette that's also really flattering and I adore the light grey, it gives it a very ethereal feeling. I've sharpened the look with a tailored blazer and flashed a bit of the lining on the cuffs to jazz it up a bit. I guess all I need now is a half decent smile and I'm good to go.