Saturday, 11 February 2012

Double U

 American Apparel body, Zara shorts, Asos belt, Topshop Shoes

Hola chicas e chicos! Once again, apologies for not providing regular updates onto the blog this week. I know you've heard it all before but I really do have a lot going on right now. But moving swiftly on from that, last night the girls and I headed out for a 'sophisticated' night out. I think we're all getting a bit sick out going out to student clubs because these places are such dives. The night started out fabulously and we went to an amazing bar in Manchester that served even more amazing cocktails. If any of you are local, then do check out The Alchemist After that we headed over to a tiki bar which was super duper fun, slightly less sophisticated though but needless to say, we are still students for a little while longer. 

So, getting on to the important stuff. We are, after all, heard to write and read about fashion. My Topshop  shoes which I showcased to you here had their first outing last night. They are SO high but surprisingly my feet are in pretty good shape today. When buying shoes with a mega heel, such as these, the trick is to always go for a pair with a thick platform on the sole as this usually takes a good inch or two off the actually heel height. Going for something with a thicker heel is also much more comfortable and much easier to walk in. Last night I was planning on wearing my new pleated metallic midi skirt, but unfortunately it's still a little small (I bought a size smaller as I'm in the process of losing a few pounds), so I'm afraid it's debut will have to wait a while longer. On a positive, at least there was no attention being taken away from my shoes. To compliment them, I've gone for a simple all black ensemble. Shape is important when you're wearing all one colour, especially a dark one. If you've got nothing interesting going on it's easy to just blend into the background. This 'double U' leotard from American Apparel is great; versatile, chic and seriously sexy, it's a must for every girls wardrobe! I always think the back is the best part of your body if you want to flash a bit of skin, it's elegant and sophisticated and if done correctly, it's seriously seductive. I've gone for some smart tailored shorts and a flash of colour with my yellow asos belt and a swipe of dark red lipstick to bring the look together and give it a bit of a pop, et voila!
Have a great weekend everyone.
P.S. I would just like to point out that in the bottom photograph it's my right arm you can see, I do not have a very bizarrely shaped back!

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  1. Your heels are so gorgeous, I love the way you wore it!