Monday, 6 February 2012

Wardrobe Staples

 Topshop top, skirt and brogues, Zara jacket

Today has been a pretty up and down day; it started out well, I put on my new Zara leather jacket which I bought at the weekend with my two new Zara dresses (see previous two posts!). I was so looking forward to this, because I've wanted a leather jacket for a long long time and I've finally got round to getting one. I really think every girl should own one. My staple style is very feminine but also quite classic but having a leather jacket can totally transform your outfit and give it that edge, if you buy a good one anyway. 

The snow has melted away now and once again I feel as though Spring is right around the corner. So I decided to pull out this floral skirt to brighten my outfit and hopefully the sky, to have lunch with an old friend which was really lovely. As the day started to pass, my bright mood seems to have gone with it; don't you hate those afternoons where everything just goes wrong? Nevertheless, when I look back to these photos (from this morning) I feel cheery again at my lovely new purchase and the wonderful colours of my skirt. I'm sure I can see some sun rays shining through the windows into my house too. I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that Spring will be on it's way soon!

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