Saturday, 4 February 2012

Dreaming of Sunnier Days...

 River Island Jumper, Barbour Jacket, Topshop Jeans, Converse Shoes, Asos Ring

I thought it was high time I blogged an outfit post seeing as I seem to be severely lacking in those these days... It's started snowing in Manchester today, which is actually quite sad because recently I've been getting that Spring feeling, where you know the warm weather and sunnier mornings are on their way. Obviously not. I had an outfit all figured out in my head today, it involved beautiful tan suede, heeled ankle boots and sheer blouses but alas, that's not very compatible with the snow. Not that it was snowing when I took these photos this morning but, eventually, it came and I'm now looking out at a sheet of white. 

I never used to be a jeans kinda girl, it was always skirts and dresses with me but I guess being a student eventually took over. At the weekends it also always seems easier to throw on a pair of skinnies with your favourite knitted jumper; sometimes comfort and warmth seem more important than style. I know you're all gasping with shock, but seriously, come to Manchester for even one day and you will totally understand what I mean. The weather is literally unbearable. Sometimes I consider not even leaving the house because it's so unbearable. Sometimes I actually don't.
Anyway, I feel like I'm digressing from the point I was trying to make, which seems to be lacking in my head right now. But, this is what I wore today. It's relatively warm and very cosy and I think it's pretty stylish in that not too try hard kind of way. 
One last point before I leave you all to your fabulous Saturday evenings; I went shopping today and bought two beautiful dresses. One is for a very important wedding I am attending in April and the other is for my Graduation in July. Very organised I know but they were both from the collection of Zara dresses I presented to you in my previous post and I was so desperate for them I just HAD to buy them, in case they were no longer there by the time the events came around. Anyway, I'm going to leave you all wondering as to which two I bought, but I'm sure you'll all find out soon enough.

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