Monday, 5 March 2012

A Weekend Away

This weekend was my cousin's Hen Weekend and my family and I took a little trip to the forest for an seriously relaxing spa weekend! There we certainly no 'L' plates involved but plenty of relaxation and fun. Unfortunately, this post isn't quite what I imagined it would be as I was having such a good time I basically forgot to take photos to document everything, so I'm afraid this is just a snippet of what we got upto and what I wore.

Friday morning and I'm up early to catch my train back home to Nottingham. No-one is up yet so I've had to take this myself. I decided to go for my cape again as the sun is shining and I just need something light to keep warm in the early morning chill. I'm only away for four days but I've never mastered the art of packing light.

We arrived at the forest only to be greeted by two very large swans who are surprisingly tame. No piccies I'm afraid but we had a fabulous villa complete with our very own sauna, steam room and outdoor hot tub.

A close up of my hooded cape with the forest in the background.

We spend a relaxing day at the pool and in the spa where they have an amazing selection of different steam rooms and saunas; seriously relaxing and I fell asleep on the water beds. In the evening we have a PJ dinner as the main hen weekend celebration. The table has been decorated with lovely silver streamers and individual  photos of the bride to be with her hens.

Lovely party favours curtesty of the bride.

In my blue PJ's kitted out with stripey socks and hoody!

The last day and we go on a treasure hunt with the bride who has to find various nik naks taken from around her house. The weather is miserable so we wrap up warm in our waterproof coats.

Finally, some interesting shaped lighting taken in the restaurant at the country club - great inspiration for any of you involved in interiors.
I had such a fab weekend...I'm sorry this post isn't quite what I had promised, but I guess the lack of photos is a sign of a great weekend away!

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