Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Cape

Jack Wills shirt, Zara skirt and bag, American Apparel cape, Asos brogues

Just a quick one tonight as I'm going away in the morning for a long weekend and I've got about a billion things to do before then, including deciding what to wear! Today has been a super nice day, the sun has been shining in all it's glory; I seriously wish I'd thought to wear my sunnies. I bought this American Apparel cape over the weekend and it's the perfect addition to my wardrobe. I've been needing a navy jacket/coat for some time now and this fits into my wardrobe perfectly. Today I've kept my look simple and casual as I've got that end of the week feeling. I'll be back next week hopefully with plenty of photos so I can put together a little diary of everything I got up to. Have a great weekend everyone, Bon Voyage! 


  1. waiting :D happy trip and good weekend!

  2. love your high bun! its fabulous! im new to blogger, thought i'd say hello & sign up! Check mine out if you can!

    Xo Kelly