Sunday, 22 April 2012

Scottish Wedding

 Zara dress and heels, H&M blazer, Asos clutch, Accessorize feather hair piece

This weekend was spent in Scotland at the wedding of a very dear cousin and what fun it was. Cake and Keighley aside (which, despite being extremely fun is rather difficult in 5 inch heels) I was so excited to finally be able to wear my dress. I bought it back in January and have been meticulously planning all of my accessories since. I'm really pleased with the finished result; I wanted to create an ethereal feel which came through in both the print and the delicate fabric and the tail swooshing behind me only emphasized this. I added a sharply tailored blazer to bring the look together and opted for heels in a clashing snakeskin print. I pulled out the subtle lilac tones in the dress with a matching clutch and nail polish and added a small feather and jewelled headpiece to my hair for some extra wedding pizzazz. 

There's quite a lot going on in this outfit in terms of print but I've made it work by keeping all of the prints relatively small and I've pulled out key colours from the dress and worked it into my accessories which really pulls the look together. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this dress and I was so sad to take it off yesterday evening so I am hoping to go to an event where and I can wear it again very soon!
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