Saturday, 26 May 2012

Summer Stripes

 Topshop top and sandals, American Apparel jeans, Louis Vuitton bag, GoGo Philip necklace

It's my best friend's 21st birthday tomorrow so it's been a fairly crazy 18 hours. Last night we went for dinner and drinks at which I showcased my new bow-back striped vest. I love stripes anyway, but my love for them seems to grow to new levels when the sun comes out. They're so chic yet so easy, even now I find it difficult to get my head around how something so simple can always look so right. I added my favourite GoGo philip gold necklace, which I showcased here; I'm really into clashing silver and gold at the moment, which I know a lot of people are quite adverse to, but my overly relaxed summer nature has started to grow on the idea so I teamed it with silver sandals and bracelet. 

This morning has been ridiculous and I've been rushing around like a mad lunatic in the sweltering heat running last minute birthday errands. I also had to pick up the birthday cake and get it from shop to home without dropping it (anyone who knows my clumsy nature would appreciate the challenge it was). My housemate and I found a moment of calm in the earlier hours of this morning to take a few snaps of today's striped outfit; a little more relaxed than last night and breezy enough to stay at a reasonably bearable temperature. I decided to use my Canon DSLR today; I think I've been a bit lazy of late using my little Nikon 'snapshot' camera because the Canon is quite cumbersome but, really, it captures the light and movement so well that I know I need to start bringing it out more often.
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H&M vest, Vintage Levi's, Zara belt

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  1. The bow on the back is soo pretty! It looks really nice!!!