Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Crew Clothing shirt, Topshop jumper, disco pants and boots

One of the perks of working in retail is seeing the clothes first hand on a daily basis - although, sometimes, this can also be classified as a bad thing, pining for things ALL the time that you just can't afford. I spend many an hour creating fantasy wishlists in my head, combining all the pieces I want to create spectacular outfits; I'd be a lot better dressed if I could afford to be, you know! 

Yesterday, I indulged in a little 'retail therapy' - not that I needed to - and invested in this amazing khaki jumper and these even more amazing black studded ankle booties. Autumn never seems to last more than a month here and the bitterly cold of winter seems to be well on its way, meaning it was high time for me to invest in a few key pieces. All I seem to own, shoes wise, at the moment, is flimsy ballet flats that don't last two seconds in the rain so I'm looking forward to fully embracing all these booties have to offer. Winter is-a-coming and now I'm ready to head straight into the coming season with both warmth and style. Until next time catch me on Twitter and Pinterest


  1. I keep seeing these boots everywhere and pining for them, oh the joys of being broke!xo