Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Black and Green

Topshop cropped top, skirt, belt, fur and pumps, H&M cardigan

Some of you might be starting to think that I'm a Topshop hoarder, incapable of shopping anywhere else?! I think it's starting to look that way however, my justification is that working there means it really is just too hard to resist, especially when there are new things arriving daily. These are just a few items of my recent spree and I have told myself that they are all completely necessary. In my defence, I have needed a black belt for about five years and the fur it totally justifiable in the perishing cold. I'm still working on an excuse for the skirt...
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  1. I love this skirt, such a nice injection of colour into an autumn wardrobe!

    Elise x


  2. Amazing shoe/belt combination and I love the pop of color your skirt brings :)