Thursday, 19 July 2012

Meli Melo

 Images courtesy of Meli Melo

I'm sure you're all aware of, and share, my huge appreciation for Olivia Palermo. Her style is like no other and, come fashion month, I'm regularly scouting around online trying to find the lasted snap of her looking chic as ever. Last February I came across this photo of her (above) at the Topshop Unique show and, despite drooling over her entire ensemble and wondering if I will ever, ever be that cool, I found my mind constantly wondering about her bag. I must confess that it wasn't until fairly recently that I found out where it was from, namely, Meli Melo.

A relatively new name in the luxury goods industry, the brand was establish in 2005 and has since skyrocketed into fashion stardom with a strong following of celebrities and fashionistas alike. Founder Melissa Del Bono brings her Italian roots and love of art and interiors into these beautifully crafted, Italian leather handbags to create pieces that are both timeless yet innovative with the combination of the softest leather in sculpted designs. The Thela bag (as shown in all images) is the brand's best selling piece which is no surprise as it's regularly seen on the very stylish arm of said Olivia Palermo. It is the most exquisite day bag; large enough to carry around all those essentials without ever being bulky or cumbersome and in the most perfect colour of tan you could ever desire. I'm also a huge fan of the Tallulah bag and the Serafina bag, both of which will give you ample amounts of style kudos and give your wardrobe a bit of a whimsical kick with their fringing and leopard print respectively. 
Find all other styles at the meli melo website here and trust me when I say, you won't want to miss out on this amazing handbag collection. 

Thursday, 12 July 2012


 Zara dress, Kurt Geiger heels

Today was a very special day for my friends and I; graduation is a once in a lifetime occasion and we will all treasure the memories forever. So, more importantly, the question on the back of my mind for about the last six months was "what am I going to wear?!" I bought a dress back in January (organisation is my middle name, thank you very much) but decided right at the last minute that it wasn't right. Luckily, my mother was on hand for a last minute shopping trip where I picked up this much more graduation appropriate dress from Zara. Blue is always a classic choice and conveniently matched the robes.

Everyone always thinks graduation is all about the shoes and never the dress as it gets hidden by the gown but, for me, the dress was always going to be an important factor. That said, there was a rather impressive array of shoes tottering around this morning (one must expect nothing less at a fashion graduation.) I'm pretty sure I've got my cap on backwards in the first picture, and when I waved at the guest speaker (Sarah Burton, FYI) she gave me a rather baffled look as if to say "who are you and why the hell are you waving at me?!" but it was a fantastic day and something that will stay in my mind forever. 
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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Black and White Birds

 Zara blouse, American Apparel jeans, Topshop loafers, Louis Vuitton bag

Due to unfortunate weather conditions, I'm afraid I've been confined to the four walls of my bedroom for photographs today; whilst ever I'm apologising I suppose I should also mention my lack of attention to HSW in the last couple of weeks - sometimes one can feel so uninspired by ones wardrobe (although severe lack of money and no job to mention of certainly isn't helping.) Despite this, now that I've moved back home I have been reunited with parts of my wardrobe that haven't seen the light of day in a long time, if at all, and rediscovered treasures, such as this bird print shirt, are helping to reignite my love of clothes once again. Until next time catch up with me on Twitter and Pinterest