Friday, 28 October 2011

Carey Mulligan in Bottega Veneta

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As I was looking through this weeks Best Dressed List on, I saw this photo of Carey Mulligan in a  beautiful Bottega Veneta dress, and thought you might all appreciate it. I feel like this is a good look for Mulligan, and one that she doesn't venture to wear too often. I love her style, but it's wonderful to see her in something is little more chic and in a dress that fully shows off her amazing curves. 
I love her slicked back hair too, the soft wave makes the look less sharp and more feminine and her dark eyes are the perfect backdrop to her all black ensemble. 
This week has been ridiculously busy with uni work, so tonight I want to chill out with a film and now I'm definitely craving something with Carey Mulligan in. Help me decide... Pride and Prejudice or An Education?
Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Carey always looks so elegant, I love the dress she's wearing here, understated but gorgeous! Have a nice weekend! x

  2. lovely style! Thanks for your mail on IFB! So sweet of you... I m following plz follow back on
    bisous marilia