Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Velvet Headband

Topshop shoes, top and headband. Zara bag and belt. H&M jeans and cardigan.

This is actually what I wore yesterday (today's outfit was rather uninspiring). I was going to the Topshop Student Night and let me tell you, manic doesn't even begin to describe it. I was nearly stampeded by a large group of Topshop fanatics all desperate to get inside to grab a bargain. Unfortunately, there was no bargain grabbing for me. I tried on lots but nothing really looked right, although I did get a lovely statement necklace to add to my collection. More on that in the next few days.
I'm finding it quite challenging to get dressed at the moment as the weather is so unseasonably warm. I'm back in Manchester and I left most of my summer clothes at home as I wasn't really expecting it to be 28 degrees. Anyway, it seems as though things are getting back to normality now so I decided to put on my lovely velvet headband. It's stylish, great for keeping your ears warm and adds a subtle pop of colour to your outfit. I felt slightly adventurous yesterday so decided to wear my pink Zara bag for a bit of a colour clash. I kept the rest of my outfit fairly simple with neutral tones so as not to look like a rainbow had thrown up on me. I really like this Topshop top; it's great for adding a bit of detail to an outfit but it's quite subtle at the same time. My pom pom shoes also had their first outing today, it was very exciting!

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  1. so simple but chic. xx