Thursday, 3 November 2011


Yesterday was the 21st Birthday of one of my very best friends. She had a lovely day opening gifts and receiving flowers (as well as the odd lecture) and this was her birthday cake that we're going to eat tonight! She, myself and our other two housemates along with some other friends had a lovely evening drinking champagne and cocktails and going for dinner at Las Iguanas. 

I think birthdays are important occasions and your 21st is the most important of all. All my friends make such an effort for my birthday so I think it's important I do the same. Therefore, I decided to wear something quite special with a little sparkle so I put on this Topshop playsuit with beaded flowers on (this is my housemate Megan on the left of me, here very chic dress is from H&M). Dressing up is so much fun and it's always important to make the effort to feel and look good.

In case you can't really see the playsuit properly in my photograph, he is what it looks like full length. 

Finally the birthday girl, wearing American Apparel and Topshop with her new Mac lipstick and her bottle of champagne.

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  1. Love your playsuit, it looks gorgeous & very versatile :) x