Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bonfire Night

Asos tee, Topshop cardigan, jeans and necklace, Converse pumps, DKNY watch

So, last night was Bonfire Night and I thought I'd share my photos of the night seeing as I didn't show my own Halloween pictures (I'm not sure how blog appropriate my bunny outfit was!). During the day I had a visit from my Mother and Grandmother so this is what I wore for lunch (above). I love to mix casual items like skinny jeans and converse with statement accessories than can bring your outfit to life. I adore this Topshop necklace and it really adds a bling element - not that I'm particularly cool enough for that... On warmer winter days this cardigan is great as it's thick enough to keep off the winter chill but its not too heavy.

Hunter wellies, Barbour jacket, Topshop hat

A few key changes for the evening: wellies are a must for Bonfire night. It was so muddy where we went that anything else just won't suffice although Amy (right), got on pretty well with her Urban Outfitter boots. Barbour jackets, which we're both wearing, are also great because they're so good at keeping you warm which is exactly what you need whilst watching the fireworks. They're pretty stylish too and I love the quilted and the wax versions.
Amy's top and jeans are both American Apparel.

Finally a few pictures of my boyfriend and I and also my other housemates. I turned the flash off my camera to create a longer exposure so that the lines from the sparklers could be seen and Voila! 
I hope everyone had a great night!

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