Friday, 16 December 2011

Festive Eyes

Beauty posts aren't usually something I venture in to, but I thought today I'd try something a bit different. Last night I had a night out with the girls and when doing my make-up I decided to focus all on the eyes (remember the rule, eyes or lips but never both). Usually I'm more of a lips kinda girl, and I love to experiment with new colour lipsticks. Eyeliner looks a bit strange on me for some reason but I decided I'd try it out last night and I'm actually really pleased with the results. It's a bit difficult to see the full effect in these photos but basically I've got lashings of mascara on and liner on my bottom lids. I'd definitely recommend trying eyeliner on the bottom, I think it widens the eye and creates a more dramatic effect. Here I'm wearing a No.7 blue eyeliner across my bottom lid and then over the top I've put on Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in gold. It comes in other colours too, such as purple, silver and green and it's really great for achieve a sparkly, festive feel. I'd recommend going for gold or silver because then you can use it with other pencil eyeliners and create and interesting look with different colours. I use Clinique lash doubling mascara to lengthen my lashes and create a dramatic effect for the evening. I'm quite lucky because my eyelashes are very long and thick naturally and they're also really black so I can create quite a good look with my mascara. But, I also have really sensitive eyes that love to stream at the first sign of cold or wind which is a bit of a nightmare as I can end up looking like a panda with smudged mascara everywhere. If you're the same, my advice would be don't wear any mascara on your bottom lashes, if they're dark then you won't need to. Finally, if you do decided to go for a festive look and wear eyeliner, make sure that you don't put any over the corners of your eyes so your make-up stays firmly in place. Failing that, invest in a really good waterproof mascara.

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