Wednesday, 23 November 2011

November Edits

 The Sartorialist
Every month I must look on so many different websites, looking for different inspiration that I can use for my own wardrobe. These are some of the pictures I've collected during November; since writing my blog I've been moving away from the girly, vintage look and in to something more classic and minimal. I love all the looks in these photos especially how everyone makes their outfit individual with personal accessories. There's also a video on Zara's website at the moment about a women called Lucy Chadwick... Everything she wears and her apartment, to me, is just so perfect. I've got absolutely no idea how you put the clip on here (if anyone knows then please fill me in!?) but here's a link to it on YouTube Enjoy!

Topshop Tumblr 

Topshop Tumblr

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